With the projected trajectory of high school graduates flat or declining in most regions of the United States, colleges and university administrators are searching for opportunities to diversify enrollment to make up losses in the traditional student space. Many have turned to variety of strategies ranging from ramping up their online presence to expanding offerings for non-traditional students to opening regional centers to bring the campus to adult students – all in search of the elusive non-traditional learner.

It's Time to Shift the Paradigm

However, the view of adult learners as the enrollment savior of traditional higher education is misguided. Ham-handed attempts to throw a variety of programs and offerings at the wall to see what sticks isn’t the answer. There are no easy wins and simply relying on random acts of enrollment management will prove counterproductive.

Enrollment Management Matters

Institutions serious about approaching the non-traditional market understand that a systematic approach to managing enrollments is mission critical. They understand that enrollment challenges are fundamentally structural and that to excel in this endeavor, they must build not only programmatic offerings that nontraditional students seek, but also craft organizations that demonstrate operational excellence daily. These institutions develop blueprints for the ideal student experience and then work tirelessly to deliver that product time and time again to each and every student.

The second annual Conference on Adult Learner Enrollment Management will explore what it takes to intentionally architect enrollment success in the nontraditional space. Industry thought leaders, campus administrators, and enrollment practitioners from across the nation will join us to share insight on laying the right enrollment management foundation.

Proven Insight for Today's Higher Educational Professional

At our inaugural event in 2013, a sold out crowd of almost 200 gathered in Boston to address the unique issues faced by higher education professionals responsible for recruiting, admitting, enrolling and retaining adult learners. From professional, graduate, and continuing education to distance, online and extended studies, the Conference on Adult Learner Enrollment Management provides research-based insight, proven methods, and demonstrated results to help leaders identify opportunities and take action for enrollment success.

Presented by Aslanian Market Research and DemandEngine, the conference delivers thought provoking ideas, leading industry speakers, and powerful content.

Who Should Attend

  • Deans, vice presidents, and directors of units focused on adult students including professional, graduate, and continuing education, schools of professional studies, extended academic programs, and online and distance education
  • Higher education leaders interested in starting, or accelerating market share growth of adult students
  • Undergraduate enrollment managers who are being asked to grow their institution’s share of adult students.
  • Enrollment marketing, admission, and retention professionals focused on the adult student market

Why Should You Attend

  • Accelerate your success. Through general and concurrent sessions, we deliver thought leadership and practical advice designed for the adult learner market that you can apply to your institutional challenges the day you return to campus.
  • The only conference dedicated to adult learner enrollment management. With the combined expertise of Aslanian Market Research and DemandEngine – leaders in the professional, graduate, and continuing education space – attendees can be assured that conference content and case studies is specifically relevant to their needs.
  • Learn from your peers and other experts in the field. Industry speakers and practitioners, who are dealing with the same challenges as you, will share their success stories and respond to your questions.
  • Connect with peers. During discussions, roundtables, and dinner groups or over a drink, share and gain knowledge and new perspectives from a network of peers facing similar challenges.
  • Get exclusive first look at new research and survey data. Be the first to hear about thought-provoking ideas and research